10 Festive Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Clients

03 Dec 2019

It’s the most wonderful time of year again; frosty air, warm crackling fires and the comfort of friends and family close by. In the midst of this magical time of year it is important to show appreciation to your clients by sending them a little something special for the holidays. We have pulled together a list of wonderful (and cost effective) gift ideas that you can send to your clients no matter how big or small your budget!

  1. The best of your company swag
    Everyone can use a new sweatshirt, hat, or t-shirt for the holidays. Choose anything that is branded with your company logo and is of a higher value to gift your clients this holiday season.

  2. Terrarium for office plants
    The office can be a bit bland, so it is a good idea to think about sending your clients a terrarium with a low maintenance plant such as a succulent. Bonus tip: usually, bulk ordering these items from amazon is an option and they ship effortlessly.
    Terrarium 3 Pack from Amazon

3. Coffee table book
These are great gifts for new clients, that you may not have gotten the chance to know very well yet. When you choose a coffee table book, make sure to choose a topic that is unique, such as a travel niche, a lesser known art movement, or luxury architecture.
Best Coffee Table Books from Amazon

4. Coffee or Tea samplers
While we are on the subject of coffee let’s talk about samplers. This is a great option to gift clients (or coworkers) because it gives them a variety of the good stuff. Bonus tip: if you’re partial to a particular coffee roaster from your area then send a personally curated sampler, it will make your clients feel extra special.
Coffee Sampler from Amazon
Harney and Sons Tea Sampler

5. Food basket
What goes better with coffee and tea than a carefully selected variety of snacks? You can get various types of these baskets ranging in a variety goodies but let’s give your clients what they really want and gift a holiday basket full of cookies, chocolates and sweets. Bonus tip: you can DIY this gift idea. Just buy various snacks in bulk, get some attractive boxes from Amazon and wrap them up yourself- very easy to do!
Snacks and Sweets Baskets

6. Insulated personalized travel tumbler
A warm beverage on a freezing day is a gift everyone will celebrate! Adding a simple touch such as their initials gives a gift like a tumbler a personal detail that cannot be beat. You can buy tumblers in bulk and get them personalized at a local shop near you or you can find this gift on Etsy.
Personalized Tumbler from Etsy

7. Handmade calendar
Handmade gifts are a great option for holiday gifts because they show a high level of personalization (even if you aren’t the one who made it by hand). Etsy is an excellent place to find gifts like this for a reasonable price, especially if you have several clients. Giving the gift of knowing what day it is, is the gift that keeps on giving.
2020 Desk Calendar from Etsy

8. Handmade candles
Candles are always a win, when it comes to holiday gifts. You can opt for candles labeled with your logo or you can keep the logo of the company that made them (especially if it is a small or local shop). Always give seasonal appropriate candles, if you give a summer candle in autumn it could be perceived as you are cheap, as if you bought it from the clearance bin. Keep with the holiday season and gift your clients with scents of roasted chestnuts, twisted peppermint and spiced gingerbread.
Handmade Candle from Etsy

9. Handmade ornament
Ornaments are genius gifts because they are easy on your budget, seasonally appropriate and they can be made in various designs. You can have them made with your company’s logo incorporated into the design or have them made with your clients’ initials incorporated into the overall design. Get creative and personal when it comes to ornaments, the sky is the limit!
Handmade ornament from Etsy

10. Handwritten note
Never underestimate the power of a handwritten note. This is the ultimate way to show that you truly appreciate each and every one of your clients, individually. If you want to up the stakes, have some beautiful festive cards or stationery made and write your holiday note on them.

Your clients will be filled with holiday cheer when they receive your gift this season. Most of these gifts you can DIY, which is a great way to add a personal touch to the gift. These suggestions are just a sample of things you can do for your clients but at the very least we hope that you get some marvelous ideas from our holly jolly list!

Happy holidays!

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