6 Ways Financial Advisors can use RightCapital's Prospecting Videos

14 Feb 2020

In a world where you only get a few seconds to catch prospects attention, your marketing tactics have to be efficient, intriguing and provide valuable information up front. One of the best ways to capture a prospects attention is through video. Video helps you reach a larger audience faster and keeps their attention longer than any written form.

You may be asking yourself "how do I create a prospecting video?", "what topic should my video be on?", or simply "where do I start?" Luckily, RightCapital makes it easy for you to prospect through video with our customizable, and engaging videos that you can use in whatever way you see fit. Just keep reading to learn how to captivate prospects and get a conversation started.

We've made it easy to access our videos by putting them all in one place. You can access all of our Prospecting videos here! Decide which one you would like to use (remember your audience!) and then follow the steps below to start prospecting!

1. Share
Click the share icon on the video to see all the options for sharing it. The share button icon looks like a paper airplane. There is also a download button and additional share button located underneath the video player. So far, easy peasy!

2. Link
You can use the link by pasting it directly into social media or client emails and play it from our Vimeo channel. This is a great option to combat sending a video file size that is too large to your prospects so you'll be able to relax knowing everyone can view the video you sent.

3. Social Sharing Icons
By clicking the social icons to the right of the link box you can share the video directly to your social media accounts. You can even adjust the provided content, then hit the button to post. This is a super quick way to get a video onto your social feed and to start up conversations about what you can offer prospects with your financial services.

4. Email
When You use the email option you can email directly through Vimeo. All you have to do is enter the name and email address, personalize your message (if desired), click "I am not a robot" and hit send.

5. Embed
This option is my personal favorite and here is why; according to Forbes, the average user spends 88% more time on a website with video. You can embed any of the videos on to your website or landing pages (if you have them). Just click on the embed code so that the full code is highlighted, then right-click and select copy (or use CTRL+C on Windows, or CMD+C on Mac.) Next, paste the code into your HTML editor~ voila!

Here are three examples of how real advisors are using our prospecting videos by embedding them on their websites:

Maximize Your Money
Prudential Financial Planning
X and Y Advisors Inc

6. Download
The best way to truly customize our prospecting videos to your liking is to download a video from our Vimeo page and upload it to a video hosting site. A few options for video hosting services are Wistia, Vimeo, and YouTube, but there are several more you can explore that I haven't mentioned here. Some hosting sites are free you just have to do a little homework to decide what works best for your needs. By hosting the video on a hosting site, you have even more customizations to choose from, such as adding your logo, changing the color palette, and even adding custom screens with a call to action (if your hosting service provides it).

It's really that simple to use RightCapital's prospecting videos. Just follow the steps above to start experimenting with video and bringing in new prospects.

Happy Prospecting!

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