RightRisk™: Sophisticated Risk Assessment Made Simple

Balance risk tolerance and risk capacity to deliver optimal financial outcomes

Show how risk tolerance score relates to investment portfolios and probability of success

RightRisk Streamlined Approach


Incorporate risk assessment

as part of the holistic

financial planning process

RightRisk questionnaire


Use the default Grable and

Lytton risk assessment or

create your own

RightRisk affordable pricing

Cost Effective

Included with our Premium

or Platinum subscription

Household risk summary

See how a household risk score compares to their current portfolio, target portfolio and major asset classes. Advisors can also create custom risk categories to be included in the comparison.

RightRisk Risk Comparison
Visual risk-return analysis

Help clients understand the potential upside and downside returns for their investment portfolios and major asset classes. Advisors can exclude specific investment accounts from the analysis as appropriate.

RightRisk Risk Analysis
Risk score & assessment

Use the default 13-item questionnaire based on the Grable and Lytton scale or create your own version. The assessment results are saved in one place for easy reference.

RightRisk Score and Assessments
Let's get planning!