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Breathe easy knowing RightCapital will provide the clarity, flexibility, and support you need to confidently build financial plans.

Interactive Retirement Planning

Clearly illustrate multiple scenarios, stress tests, and more. Your clients will thank you for helping them make their golf-in-the-morning, beach-all-day dreams a reality.

Screenshot - RIghtCapital Interactive Retirement Planning
Tax-Efficient Strategies

Easily show your clients how they'll save money with an optimal tax-efficient distribution strategy—explaining withdrawal schedules and Roth conversions in a way they'll truly understand.

Screenshot - RightCapital Tax-efficient Income Distribution Strategies
Social Security Optimization

Show your clients how to maximize their Social Security income. You’ll help them confidently make big decisions, like when to start receiving benefits.

Screenshot - RightCapital Social Security Income Optimization

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Cash Flow Map

Help clients easily visualize where their cash is coming and going for each year.

RightCapital Cash Flow Map - Features Page

Provide your clients with one place to manage all their credit card and bank accounts, track spending in various categories, and see how they are doing against monthly budget goals.

RightCapital Budget Module
Student Loan Management

Use our unique student loan module to illustrate different scenarios so your clients can reduce payments. Help ease the burden of student debt for your clients or their children.

Insurance Needs Evaluation

Help protect your clients in the event of situations such as disability or death. Evaluate their needs in different situations and identify ways to ensure their success.

Demystified Estate Planning

Help clients learn the flow of assets at the end of life, including any possible estate tax ramifications. Replace their anxiety with the peace of mind, knowing their assets are in order.

Risk Tolerance Assessment

Incorporate risk assessment as part of your holistic financial planning process. Show how each client household's risk score relates to their investment strategies and probability of success.

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Account Aggregation

Bring together your client's bank accounts, credit cards, and externally-held investment accounts all in one place. It’s finally easy to see the full financial picture.

Streamlined Client Onboarding

Digitally onboard your clients in six simple steps with our streamlined client portal. It’s easy for you and your clients to get up and running to plan for their futures!

Screenshot - RightCapital's streamlined client onboarding
Screenshot - RightCapital's RightPay integrated payment solution for fee-for-service financial planning

RightPay integrated payment solution for fee-for-service financial planning

  • Collect financial planning fees from your client's credit card

  • Flexible payment options: one-time or ongoing

  • Seamless client experience: all-in-one portal

RightCapital mobile app to help clients stay on track

Empower your clients to manage their entire financial lives on the go! See net worth, track monthly budget and edit transactions, upload documents to the secure Vault and much more.

RightCapital Mobile App for your clients
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