Create Planning Workflows and Manage Tasks With RightFlows™

Streamline the planning processes for your planning team and their clients

Scale financial plan implementations with ease.

Client Collaboration

Assign tasks to your clients

within a workflow

RightFlows Dashboard

Centralized Dashboard

See where each client's plan stands

and their next steps

Consistency & Flexibility

Ensure consistent planning

processes are followed

RightFlows Dashboard

RightFlows' kanban-style dashboard provides advisors with a summary view of the workflows. Advisors can quickly see where each client's plan is in the planning process and click the client name to see more details.

RightFlows dashboard screenshot
Workflow steps and tasks

Each workflow is comprised of steps, with each step containing a set of tasks. Once the tasks are completed within a step, RightFlows automatically triggers the next step in the workflow, reducing human errors and saving valuable time for advisors.

RightFlows - Workflow steps
Consistency with flexibility

Ensure consistent planning processes are followed by your entire planning team while still providing the flexibility to adjust specific steps and tasks when needed.

RightFlows - Editing a task
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