6 Ways to Engage Your Clients

05 Dec 2018

Ensuring your clients see the value you provide is something that keeps many advisors up at night. “Is my client happy with my services?” “Is she using the tools, resources, and reports that I share?” “Does he see me delivering the value that we discussed at the very beginning?” Wouldn’t it be nice to easily obtain the answers to these questions? Keeping your clients engaged with your practice is the best way to know where you stand.

Here are 6 key areas to think about when trying to engage your clients.

1. Set expectations at the beginning.

This may sound basic. And that’s because it is. Sports teams win and lose on mastering the fundamentals, the same is true for you and your clients. Set basic ground rules early so that everyone is on the same page. It sets the tone for productive conversations later in your relationship.

2. Review those expectations over the phone or during a meeting.

That’s often when you uncover statements like, “wait, I don’t remember agreeing to that…” or “but what about…?” Whether it’s been a couple of months or a couple of years, a goal review is a great time to make sure everyone is singing from the same sheet of music.

3. Promote the use of a client portal.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know which of your clients are using the resources you send them? Who is actively looking at his finances and who isn’t? The RightCapital Client Portal does just that. When you log in, click on Activities at the top to see who is logging in and how often. Use this to learn who is engaged and who might need a refresher (don’t forget the client-facing resources that you can send them!).

4. Utilize a mobile experience.

These days, our phones are never far from reach. Your clients are the same way, interacting with content on their phones every day. Having a client friendly mobile app is a key way to differentiate your practice and provide value. And while an experience on an app may be brief, clients will keep their finances and you top of mind if you are easily accessible. These extra services correlate to elevated perceived value. Leverage that for your business.

5. Get personal.

Don't forget that your clients are people and they want to be engaged on a personal level. It may sound silly.
But, it’s often easy for us to talk about someone instead of talking to them so take the time to go the extra mile. Send that one-off email to say hello, give that call, or send that handwritten notecard. Details matter and your clients want to know that you care.

6. Finally, simplicity is key.

If your messaging is long, technical, or nonspecific, simplify it. We live in a jargon-rich industry and it’s easy to get lost in the weeds with your clients. But remember, your clients might trust you because you “sound smart” but if you want your client to trust you because they understand you, consider simplifying your language. Tip: this is also a differentiator for your future clients, too.

No matter the services you provide, these principles will help engage your clients and elevate your value as an advisory practice. RightCapital Financial Planning Software offers many ways in which to engage your clients including a client portal, native mobile app, and budget and debt management capabilities, that you can use to help your clients achieve their financial goals.

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