RightPay® takes the headache out of getting paid

Add RightPay to your subscription to forget about processing tedious invoices and chasing checks!

Collect financial planning fees directly from your clients

Easily invoice clients by creating

subscription plans and/or one-time


Clients can log in to the

RightCapital portal, review and

approve invoices, and pay.

Funds are sent directly to your

bank account within days!

Easy fee collection

Add RightPay to your RightCapital subscription to make client billing easy! Simply create subscription plans and/or one-time invoices to charge clients. You can review and track the payment status and see the payments come through!

Flexible payment options

Choose the option that suits each client best: one-time, monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually.

Seamless client experience

Clients have one portal where they can log in to pay their financial planning fees and access their financial planning information, making it easy for them to see the value they are paying for!

Let's get planning!