A Year In Review: Finding the Silver Lining

06 Jan 2021

We made it through one of the most difficult years in the last decade, and while it's easy to focus on everything that went wrong, we wanted to share some of the things that went right.

When the pandemic hit, we moved 100% virtual almost immediately and various programs were rolled out to ensure everyone was successful and productive working from home. While there were challenges and obstacles to overcome, we endured as an organization because of our team (which we continued to build) and our drive to provide the most cutting-edge technology.

Growing with You and For You

Given the circumstances, we are thrilled to share that our team grew 34% by the end of 2020! Onboarding new employees remotely came with a new set of challenges, but we got creative and figured it out. We also continued to build new partnerships and integrations expanding our product offering for our customers. LPL Financial, ONESCO, Allianz, and Morningstar are just a few. These new partnerships have allowed us to provide advisors with flexible planning tools that effectively integrate with their practices for more complete planning.

While we love the in-person camaraderie we've built within our team, we took advantage of working remotely. We found fun new ways to connect with each other and continued to create a product our customers rely on and appreciate!

Perpetual Upgrade Mode

We continued to improve our software during 2020 making 115 different updates and enhancements. A few of our more notable software developments include:

  1. Education Module: A new planning tool to better plan for your clients' college expenses.

  2. Cash Value Life Insurance Projections: It's now easier to specify parameters for simple projections over time.

  3. Task Capabilities: Several task features were added making the onboarding and planning process easier and more manageable for our advisors and their clients.

  4. Re-Designed PDF Report (One of our Top Requests in 2020!): Financial plans are now designed in a more user-friendly, easy to understand format.

Our product and engineering teams worked vigorously throughout the year to ensure we provided our customers with the best product possible (which we know wasn't easy with everyone working remote!)

Paying it Forward in Our Community

Last, but not least, our favorite highlight of the year was our ability to give back to our community. Our Leadership Team initiated the "Give Back Program" which provided each employee with a stipend to support a local business. Through this program we were able to support and express our gratitude to our local restaurants, retail shops, and even medical professionals and staff during an extremely difficult time. We also donated boxes of food to a local rescue mission's food pantry program. During a year when so many struggled, we are grateful that we were able to offer some support to those around us.

As we say goodbye to 2020, we want to thank all of our customers, fans, and partners for their steadfast support, loyalty, and trust. And to our RightCapital team, thank you for facing crazy adversity with the utmost professionalism and creativity.

The past year was difficult indeed, but as the saying goes, "every cloud has its silver lining." We found ours and are looking to 2021 with wild enthusiasm!