Why RightCapital Is the Only Financial Planning Software This Advisor Can Run Live With a Client

20 Feb 2024

Headshot of Darin Tuttle of Tuttle Ventures and quote, “Now, with RightCapital, I’m able to go in and update information in real time and have that come across the entire financial plan.”

Darin Tuttle is the founder and Chief Investment Officer of Tuttle Ventures in Corona, California. He enjoys walking alongside people on their financial journeys, offering the necessary support and reassurance that they're not alone.

Darin’s career started on Wall Street in operations and trade support where he realized he desired more direct client engagement. After gaining experience at a number of RIAs, Darin branched out on his own in 2021 with Tuttle Ventures, where he now uses RightCapital.


Darin had used several financial planning platforms in the past but had found it challenging to present plans during client meetings. “I never felt like I was confident enough to be able to walk through something live with a client and have it be simple enough but also comprehensive enough…I didn’t feel like the other platforms had that ‘presentation quality.’”

He also expressed the difficulty of client information changing or questions coming up in a client meeting that could not be addressed in real time. “I think every advisor has been in a meeting where you’re talking with a client and they say, ‘Actually that’s not the right number, the number should be this.’” If using a static platform or a 140-page report to present, these changes couldn’t be reflected.


A software you can run live with a client

Another advisor had recommended RightCapital and said, “it’s the best visually to be able to walk through clients’ financial plans.” Darin found the solution to his presenting challenge: “Now, with RightCapital, I’m able to go in and update (information) in real time and have that come across the entire financial plan, so that I still look like somebody who knows what he’s doing and is able to keep things dynamic because that’s the financial planning process—it’s always changing.”


The confidence to charge for a financial plan

Darin brought up that, with RightCapital, he feels confident to charge $2500 for a comprehensive financial plan. “The reason I’m able to justify that is because I feel like RightCapital is giving me the tools to be able to tell that story and to show the experience that clients are desperately needing to be able to fill the gaps that they have in what they want to achieve financially.”

Elevated visuals

Darin Tuttle social media post about how RightCapital is the first financial planning software he can run live with a client

When it comes to RightCapital visuals that Darin once tweeted about, he specifically called out the Snapshot and Blueprint features. Darin utilizes the Blueprint feature as a foundation for estate planning. “It’s enhanced my practice to be able to lead into those conversations and say, ‘here’s a 10,000-foot view with the Blueprint and this is what it looks like for you.’”

Seamless client onboarding

Darin emphasized the significance of a simple and smooth onboarding process for clients. Light-heartedly comparing other fact-finder sheets to the SATs, he appreciated that RightCapital's six-step data entry flow made sense, whether clients filled it out independently or with his assistance. “I was very intentional in thinking that we wanted a seamless onboarding process and I think RightCapital has done a really good job with doing that.”

Flexibility in planning methods and client deliverables

Darin explored the versatility of RightCapital and its adaptability to different planning methods for financial advisors. He pointed out, “Some planners are goals-based advisors and others are cash-flow based, this software is able to do both…I don’t think other software that I had used was able to be so seamless in the transition between the two.”

Reflecting on different client preferences, Darin noted that, "Some people want an overview and others want to see everything in detail. RightCapital is able to do both.” He praised the balanced approach offered by RightCapital. Diving too deep into the numbers can alienate some clients, but the captivating visuals re-engage and retain them by providing a clear, higher-level perspective.

Ability to run through all scenarios

Darin highlighted the benefits of easily exploring varied scenarios, paying special attention to the Education module. He acknowledged the uncertainties tied to future college costs. He finds value in discussing different scenarios with his clients, from comparing in-state with out-of-state costs to examining expenses at particular institutions. “They get that lightbulb moment where they feel like ‘Darin’s in my corner and he’s running through these scenarios, I’m going to be okay.’”

Visible progress through Tasks

Darin discussed his appreciation for the Tasks feature within RightCapital. “Clients are able to see progress and what they’ve accomplished over the last six months and what the steps are going forward.” The email reminders for assigned tasks allow for post-meeting engagement in a non-intrusive manner.

Supported self-sufficiency

Backed by the thorough onboarding process and the online help center, Darin feels confident in navigating most features within RightCapital independently. He shared, “For administrative staff who have come on, I’ve been able to leverage the help center and have them start delivering financial plans within a week.”

When in need of additional support, Darin has found the chat feature extremely helpful. He praised the responsiveness of the RightCapital team, saying, "Their regular follow-ups and updates never leave me feeling like I’m on an island on my own. If I want to reach out to someone, there’s going to be someone on the other end of the line who can answer my question.”

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