Enhancing Your Client Experience

19 Dec 2018

Posted by Jeff Beaumont on December 19, 2018

This holiday season has interesting juxtapositions. We’re busy as ever yet are supposed to be reflective; we should slow down, but somehow life seems to speed up. But one thing is certainly true: we’re all beginning (or continuing!) to think about who we want to be in 2019 and what changes we will need to make to get ourselves there. In other words, we are all looking forward to what is to come.

One thing we heard from surveying our customers and from our everyday conversations is that we at RightCapital are collectively focused on your clients. We provide you with the tools you need to have happy and successful clients – clients that understand how to achieve financial success.

With that feedback in mind, our team has spent countless hours learning, developing, and refining best practices to enhance the client experience you deliver in 2019. For example, if you haven’t seen it, you can catch up on the details in the Client Experience Playbook. Clients want a lot of things—on the go access to their finances, the ability to check on their progress, do their own research, understand options, and certainly, your wisdom.

They’re looking for your guidance most of all. You are their coach. Their guide. Their advisor. They need you to help them make sense of their financial future, understand their options, and find ways over, under, around, and through obstacles.

For instance, we hear stories all the time of how the RightCapital Student Loan module helped an advisor save their client well over $100,000 in student loan debt. Being aware of these trends, options, and avenues are important and that’s why your clients need you. You help them accomplish their goals.

Keep It Simple

In addition to the playbook above, we recently released a video centered on best practices for Presenting RightCapital to your clients. This includes talking points. Spoiler alert: the key is to keep it simple and not overwhelm clients. Give them what they need, in the amount they need, when they need it.

That’s why we believe simple and elegant are a beautiful pair. You can juxtapose those two and, unlike the examples of this holiday season being hectic and a time for reflection, these fit together like puzzle pieces. So as you’re contemplating ways to improve your client’s experience for 2019, remember simplicity is a beautiful and often priceless virtue. Use best practices and tools like RightCapital Financial Planning Software to deliver an exceptional client experience.

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