February Updates

06 Mar 2020

Want to know what’s new?

It can be hard to keep track of the latest and greatest news from RightCapital, so here is our latest monthly blog post to help keep you informed of updates to content, tools, and more.

Product Improvements

February was a VERY busy month of improving your RightCapital experience! Navigate to updates.rightcapital.com to read more about:

Updated 401(a) savings options are now available.

  • You can now specify both employer and employee savings to a 401(a) account.

  • Changes can be made under the Profile/ Savings screen.

More Group life insurance flexibility has been added.

  • You now have the ability to add and delete group life insurance cards, giving you the flexibility to reflect multiple or changing policies.

In one click you can see the impact of a Reverse Mortgage for a client

  • You can now enter your client's information about income to be received from a reverse mortgage, either one-time or recurring.

  • The mortgage balance will then accumulate based on the income and annual/closing costs.

You can now specify the month your clients expect to retire

  • You now have the ability to see prorated income and expense items that are slated to start or end at retirement.

Mortgage interest deduction limitation

  • RightCapital will now cap the mortgage interest deduction reflected on line 8 of Schedule A.

  • This limitation is based on IRS rules that limit the deduction to the interest associated with $750,000 (while TCJA is in force) / $1,000,000 (after TCJA) of debt.

You now have the ability to payoff loans early for property goals

  • You can now illustrate paying off the mortgage associated to a relocation or property purchase goal prior to the sale of the property.

New webinars

Check out some of our recent webinars! Make sure you keep an eye out for upcoming webinars with partners and guest speakers during our Grow Your Business Webinar series. Plus, we have a new webinar series Presenting Your First Plan hosted every Thursday at 2:00pm EST. And don't forget about our Creating Your First Plan webinar moving to Tuesdays at 2:00 pm EST!

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