How to Use RightCapital's Prospecting Videos to Grow Your Financial Planning Business

31 Jan 2022

Camera and director's clapperboard

If you’ve been on the internet in the last few years, it will come as no surprise that video is king. Not only are people watching video an alarming amount, but businesses are heavily increasing the use of video in their marketing efforts. According to a 2021 Wyxowl survey, 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool and 93% of those businesses consider video an important part of their marketing strategies. The proof is in the pudding—86% of respondents confirmed that video increased traffic to their websites, 84% said video helped generate leads, and 78% agreed that video directly helped them make sales.

The top three reasons businesses don’t invest in video marketing are time, effort, and cost, per Here’s the good news: if you are a RightCapital customer, you can start a video marketing strategy quickly, easily, and at no cost with our prospecting videos on financial planning topics such as “Get Retirement Ready” and “Take Control of Your Student Loans”. Each video has the option for a male or female voiceover. Feel free to customize the videos with your own logo and call-to-action, as you’ll see in the description below “Download”.

Fun Fact: 84% of people have been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a marketing video

Access all of our prospecting videos here. Decide which ones you would like to use (remember your audience) and then follow the steps below to start prospecting!

1. Copy the link to use on social media or in emails

Click the share icon (the paper airplane) which will appear on the upper right corner of the video in the red box below to see all the options for sharing it. There is also a download button and additional share button located underneath the video player.

Screenshot of "Change Your Financial Future Today" in Vimeo

Use the link by pasting it directly into social media or client emails and play it from our Vimeo channel. This is a great option to send a large video to your prospects without worrying if the video was sent or received. 

Screenshot of sharing options on RightCapital prospecting videos on Vimeo

2. Share directly from Vimeo to your social media accounts

Fun Fact: Video posts on social media receive 48% more views than posts without video

Share the video directly to your social media accounts by clicking the social icons to the right of the link box. You can even adjust the provided content, then hit the button to post. This is a quick way to get a video onto your social feed to start up conversations about what you can offer prospects with your financial services.

Screenshot of sharing options on RightCapital prospecting videos on Vimeo

3. Email the video directly from Vimeo

Fun Fact: Emails with the word "video" in the subject are opened 7% more than emails without it

Email the video directly from Vimeo by entering the email address, personalizing your message (if desired), clicking “I am not a robot”, and hitting send.

Screenshot of sharing options on RightCapital prospecting videos on Vimeo

4. Embed the video on your own website

Fun Fact: Including a video on your landing page can boost your conversion rate by up to 80%

According to Forbes, the average user spends 88% more time on a website with video. Embed any of the videos on to your website or landing pages. Click on the embed code so the full code is highlighted, then right-click and select copy (or use CTRL+C on Windows, or CMD+C on Mac). Next, paste the code into your HTML editor—voila!

Screenshot of sharing options on RightCapital prospecting videos on Vimeo

5. Download the video to personalize it

The best way to truly customize our prospecting videos is to download them from our Vimeo page and upload them to your own account on a video hosting site. A few options for free video hosting services are Wistia, Vimeo, and YouTube, but there are several more to explore. On a hosting site, you will find various customizations to choose from, such as adding your logo, changing the color palette, and even adding a custom screen with a call to action (if your hosting service provides it).

It's really that simple to use RightCapital's free prospecting videos to bring in new prospects.