Congratulations to the Investopedia 100 Top Advisors of 2022!

03 Aug 2022

Three sets of hands applauding

Investopedia’s list of 100 Top Financial Advisors of 2022 was released last month and we were so excited to see that 23 of the advisors on the list are using RightCapital to make financial planning a breeze. We had to reach out to a few of our long-time advisors to congratulate them personally and ask them how RightCapital has impacted their practices.

Here’s what three of our advisors had to say:

Justin Castelli, RLS Wealth

Headshot and quote from: "I've used multiple financial planning softwares throughout my career but RightCapital is the one I've stuck with because it's easy for clients to navigate, allows me to run the projections and scenarios I need to make sure my clients' plans are strong, and now with the one-page summary, it allows me to easily show clients what they care about the most.  As an advisor who tries to stay ahead of the curve, I really appreciate how RightCapital continues to improve the platform and innovate."

Katie Brewer, Your Richest Life

Headshot and quote from Katie Brewer: "RightCapital is a great tool for advisors, especially when working with pre-retirees. Clients have several different goals and these aren’t as well demonstrated in other platforms. The modern graphics tell a clear story that’s easy for advisors to customize with our own recommendations.  I love the Snapshot feature. Whether a client is big picture or detail-oriented, you can show Snapshot as a preview of what we are about to dive into or as a summary of what we’ve just covered. Features can be tailored to client preferences, which helps clients understand their plans."

Mike Zung, Java Wealth Planning

Headshot and testimonial from Mike Zung, "RightCapital has always played an integral role in my planning process. We use it with every client to get organized, securely share documents, run scenarios, and stay on track using the task functionality.  It's tough for financial planning software to find the right balance between the ability to run in-depth analysis & creating a clean client experience. RightCapital does that amazingly well. It's powerful for planners and clients love it.  I really appreciate how RightCapital listens to the independent advisor community and is continually releasing improvements and new functionality. They're pushing the profession forward."