What's New - April Recap

08 May 2019

Want to know what’s new?

It can be hard to keep track of the latest and greatest news from RightCapital, so here is our latest monthly blog post to help keep you informed of updates to content, tools, and more.

Annuities galore

We have added support for Roth annuities. You can specify an investment account type of Roth annuity when entering an investment account or illustrating an annuity income strategy.

You can now reflect a separate asset allocation for your client’s variable annuities, as opposed to their other investment accounts. Variable annuity accounts will grow at their own rate of return according to the allocation of your client’s variable annuities. You can also specify a proposed Annuity allocation on the Retirement > Analysis screen.

Add links to notes and tasks

You can now copy and paste hyperlinks into the 'Write a Note' area of the Action Items sections as well as any tasks you create. Please note links must be cut and pasted, not typed directly.

Folio Institutional integration

We’re pleased to announce integration with Folio Institutional. This integration allows you to directly link accounts custodied with Folio to your clients’ RightCapital accounts. Please see our Help Center article for details on how to set up the integration.

Cash flows for proposed and current plans

You can now use the drop-down box on the Retirement / Cash Flows page to view the cash flow details for both the proposed and current plan.

Enter college goals by year

In addition to indicating the start and end of a college goal based on the student's age, you can now specify the start and end years directly.

Future / Current dollars toggle

On the Retirement > Analysis screen, you can use our new toggle to illustrate results in either future dollars or "current" dollars which are discounted for inflation. Illustrating in current dollars may help your clients better understand the results. Current dollars are only illustrated on the Retirement > Analysis screen at this time.

Capitect Integration

We are excited to announce integration with Capitect. You can use this integration to link account information held in Capitect. To set up integration with Capitect, go to the Integrations screen and input your Capitect ID and API key.

Updated Articles

Have you ever wondered just how our retirement projections work? Our updated articles on Monte Carlo simulation and return scenarios are your answer! We've updated over 30 articles in April, including How to add SSI to a client's profile, explainers for the Liquidity tab and Life Insurance tab, and a great walk-through of Student Loans and Estate analysis.

New webinars

And check out our Recent updates and changes summary for even more information.

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