What's New - January Recap

06 Feb 2019

Posted by Jeff Beaumont on February 6, 2019

Want to know what’s new?

It can be hard to keep track of the latest and greatest news from RightCapital. So in an effort to make your life easier and keep you more informed of the latest content, tools, and updates, we will be writing a monthly blog post chock full of news just for you.

And don’t be surprised if you recognize some of these items. The majority of our updates come from suggestions you provide, so keep ‘em coming!

We ❤️ checking things off the list!

...So we've made two super-duper helpful checklists for you, our advisors! The first checklist is for new users and it helps you quickly and effectively implement RightCapital in your practice. The second checklist is to prep yourself for inviting clients to your Client Portal. Both are incredibly helpful in closing the gap and letting you be totally confident that you are on the path the success!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It's New Categories!

Our Help Center is now even more intuitive to navigate. Items are now grouped based on how you use the product, including a more natural Creating Plans section (to add clients, add assets, and adjust settings) and a super-duper Getting Started page. Take a minute and freshen up My Account.

Client-Facing Resources

Now you have printable and email ready client-facing resources to continue to engage your clients with RightCapital. Check out what we've pushed live so far, and keep an eye out for more coming soon.

New content

And check out our Recent updates and changes summary for even more information.

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