What's New - July Recap

20 Aug 2019

You've got a lot on your plate, and don't always know when someone's moved your cheese -- let alone where it is now! Let this summary of recent updates and changes help.

The most current place for product notes is: https://updates.rightcapital.com/

July 2019
Product Improvements
401(k) to IRA Rollover: You can now illustrate rolling 401(k) assets to an IRA account, and vice versa, using the Profile > Income > Distribution card. Use the "Convert/rollover" drop-down box to select the type of rollover.

After-tax 401k savings w/Roth conversion: We have added support for after-tax 401(k) contributions that are converted to Roth accounts, a strategy sometimes referred to as ‘Mega Backdoor Roth Conversions’. You can add a Savings card to reflect the after-tax 401(k) contributions and details on the type of Roth account and timing. Check our new Help Center article for more details: Adding after-tax 401(k) contributions.

Head of Household filing status: We have added the ability to select 'Head of Household' tax filing status for single clients. When selected on the Profile > Expense > Tax and Fees card, we will reflect the appropriate deduction and tax brackets in the tax calculations.

FinFolio integration: Integration with FinFolio is now available! This integration, currently in Beta mode, allows you to link account information held at FinFolio. Click here to jump right into getting your integration set up.

Updated articles
RightCapital Academy is here! We're pulling out all the stops to be sure your experience with RightCapital enhances your practice and removes obstacles from you being able to provide top tier service to your clients. There are three modules in this initial rollout (and keep an eye out for many more):

RightCapital's defining framework
Dive in to the Client Portal
Rolling out RightCapital to your clients

Many of your clients pursue opportunities that advance their wealth and they count on you to be able to keep up and sort out the details. Lucky for you, we've got your back: check out our new article on adding a business to a client's profile. We've included how RightCapital automatically calculates taxation on various business types and how to ensure business income is reflected as the client desires.

New webinars
As we continue to hold ourselves to the highest bar of customer delight, we've launched a new, recurring webinar on Creating your first plan. This webinar is hosted every Thursday at 2:00 pm EST and walks you through how to go from 0 to 100 with a client's profile in RightCapital. Register today for the next webinar!

Grow Your Business: Stock options and RS/RSU planning (CFP CE)
Grow Your Business by narrowing your focus (this is one you don't want to miss!)
Creating your first plan + Q&A (our first weekly webinar)
Illustrating investment models and allocations
Mega Backdoor Roth Conversion Strategy
Illustrating the Impact of Long Term Care Cost and Insurance
Illustrating Different Student Loan Scenarios + Q&A