What's New - June Recap

10 Jul 2019

Want to know what’s new?

It can be hard to keep track of the latest and greatest news from RightCapital, so here is our latest monthly blog post to help keep you informed of updates to content, tools, and more.

Product Improvements
Site performance enhancement: A number of changes and updates have been made in June to help improve the speed and performance of the RightCapital platform. Our goal is to enhance your overall RightCapital experience and allow you to service your clients more efficiently!

Update "unknown" investments: You can now specify the asset class(es) for investments listed as 'Unknown Fund' or 'Unknown Equity' in accounts linked via integration partner or account aggregation. To specify the asset class(es) for these investments, click on the line for the unknown item and click the 'Asset Classification' button.

Inheritance with modified cash flow: If you utilize the Modified Cash Flow calculation method and add inheritance income, that income will now be automatically saved; you no longer have to add a taxable savings card to save any of the inheritance.

Updated RMD calculations: RMD calculations have been updated, including the use of joint life expectancy tables for clients with more than a 10-yr age difference. You may see a slight change in planning results due to the RMD changes.

Extended Roth conversions: Roth conversions on the Tax > Distribution screen will now extend past the first client's age 70 for as long as the conversions fill the tax bracket.

CircleBlack Integration

We are excited to announce integration with CircleBlack. You can use this integration to link account information held in CircleBlack. To set up integration with CircleBlack, go to the Integrations screen and input your CircleBlack ID and API key.

New Content
New Guided Sample Plan! This annotated sample plan provides tips and best practices for using the RightCapital plan with clients.

Contacting your RightCapital Team - Keep this PDF handy and explore ways to schedule case reviews with your RightCapital Support team.

New webinars
Grow Your Business: 5 Building Blocks for Financial Advisor Growth (Part 2, picking up from where we left off in the webinar in March)
Grow Your Business: Attract Gen X/Y Clients with Student Loan Planning (CFP CE)
Stock option and Restricted Stock scenarios
See the new RightCapital/Capitect Integration in Action
RightCapital Marketing Collateral Review + Q&A
Illustrating Client Pension Options
Selling properties and relocation