8 Things Your Clients Can Do on the RightCapital Mobile App

24 Feb 2022

Man using his smartphone while sitting down outside

Did you know that RightCapital was the first financial planning software company to launch a true mobile app for clients? The news broke at XYPN Live in 2018 and since then, clients have been able to view their finances at any time, from anywhere. If you’ve set up the client portal with your own branding, the mobile app will also reflect your colors and logo for a consistent look and feel across the entire experience, and just like with the client portal, you can customize which areas your client can view and edit in the mobile app.

Let’s take a look at what your clients can do while using the RightCapital mobile app:

Link accounts

As clients can in the portal, they can link their external bank accounts through the mobile app to gain a full view of their financial pictures.

View balances

Your client can check their account balances anywhere they have phone service or a wifi connection. That way they can see on the go if they can afford that three-piece sectional or the leather bag they’ve seen in all the Kardashians’ Instagram posts.

View asset allocation

Your client will be able to see their current asset allocation in a pie chart, showing how much of their portfolio is invested in categories of US Equities, International Equities, Emerging Markets, Real Estate, US Bonds, International Bonds, Cash, and more.

Review budget

Smartphone screen showing the budget function in the RightCapital mobile app next to a laptop keyboard on a desk

Clients will be able to see their expenses, income, and other detailed transactions within the Budget section of the mobile app and see which transactions fall into what categories.

Categorize transactions

If a transaction is incorrectly mapped to the wrong category, clients can update it right within the mobile app and changes will take place immediately, so they can better analyze how they are spending their money.

View probability of success

Screenshot from the RightCapital financial planning platform's client mobile app

Once your client has linked their accounts, they’ll be able to see the probability of success of reaching their financial goals, along with their net worth, assets, and liabilities.

Receive notifications about upcoming tasks

Clients can view all outstanding and completed goals-oriented tasks that you may have assigned to them. This functionality can lead to a more open, ongoing dialogue between advisors and clients especially in cases where you might meet less frequently in person. Clients will also receive notifications outside of the mobile app about upcoming tasks.

View advisor contact information

Clients will be able to view your contact information quickly and easily without scrolling through the rest of their contacts by selecting “My Team” on the mobile app, which can be accessed no matter which area of the app they are using. While viewing the contact information, they can easily click the email button to open up an email to you in their email platform or click the phone button to call you directly.

>>> Remember to set your clients up for success!

In order for your clients to benefit from the RightCapital mobile app, you as the advisor will need to invite them to the client portal (more information here) and have them set up their accounts. The next step is for them to download the RightCapital app on their smartphone from either the Apple App Store or Google Play, just as they would any other app. Once the client logs in the first time, they can set up the app to sign in with Face ID or Touch ID if they’d like, for even more ease.

To learn more about RightCapital and the enhanced experience you can provide to your clients, schedule a 1:1 demo with a member of our sales team.