How It Started, How It’s Going: RightCapital in the T3/Inside Information Advisor Software Survey

24 Jan 2024

Quote from 2024 T3/Inside Information Advisor Software Survey, "RightCapital is drawing more attention than the two programs ahead of it in market share."

When we saw the results of the 2024 T3/Inside Information Advisor Software Survey, we couldn’t help but feel nostalgic. This year marked the eighth time RightCapital has appeared in the results of the survey. Here, we reflect on what has changed and what has remained the same.

There are many players in the financial planning game, but most in the industry agree that “The Big 3” are RightCapital, eMoney, and MoneyGuidePro (in the 2024 survey at 14.64%, 29.55%, and 33.36% market share, respectively), so that’s who we will be focusing on in this summary.

The highest satisfaction rating goes to…RightCapital!

2024 T3/Inside Information Advisor Software Survey market share and average rating for MoneyGuidePro Elite, eMoney Pro, and RightCapital

This is a thread we keep seeing in industry surveys, such as the January 2023 and the August 2023 Kitces Reports. (Every industry survey is conducted differently, but it’s worth reviewing how we fare in these reports, known for having strict respondent criteria.)

RightCapital (with an 8.46 average user rating) is the highest-rated financial planning software in the 2022, 2023, and 2024 T3 surveys. (This was also the case in our first appearance in the survey, funnily enough.) It might be worth noting that it is the only one of “The Big 3” whose average rating went up from 2023 to 2024.

When breaking down user ratings in different demographic categories (ex. Years in Business, Business Model, and Size of Firm by Annual Revenues), RightCapital has a higher rating than MoneyGuidePro in 14/15 categories and a higher rating than eMoney in 13/15 categories.

Newer advisors and smaller firms are choosing RightCapital

From the first survey to the most recent, a trend has remained clear. 2017’s survey noted RightCapital as a “strong competitor among advisors with 1-5 years of experience, which could give them a good base of growth in the future”. In later surveys, it’s confirmed: “RightCapital is generally more popular with newer advisors and smaller firms.” 2024’s survey notes the same and acknowledges that RightCapital “posted respectable market share numbers across most demographics.”

RightCapital’s market share among respondents has tripled

Chart showing market growth up 332% for RightCapital from 2017 to 2024 according to respondents in the T3/Inside Information Advisor Software Survey

From 2017 to 2024, the market share of RightCapital within the T3 survey increased 332%, from 3.39% to 14.64%. During the same time period, the market share of eMoney grew 15% and the market share of MoneyGuidePro dropped 20%.

RightCapital’s growth is predicted to continue

Programs Respondents Are Considering chart from the 2024 T3/Inside Information Advisor Software Survey, showing RightCapital at the top with 215 and the next at 127

There’s no Magic 8 Ball in this industry, but when asked if RightCapital will keep growing, “Signs point to yes.” RightCapital was once again the top answer when respondents were asked what other programs they were considering. The survey authors noted:

The surprise is that RightCapital is drawing more attention than the two programs ahead of it in market share. Leadership in the yellow box, we believe, suggests an upward movement in market share in the next survey.

We can’t tell from this survey if the number of advisors considering RightCapital were influenced by their peer advisors chatting about our updates and reputation on social media or our own attempts at looking cool on channels such as TikTok, but we are definitely looking forward to the future!

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