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7 Key Differences Between RightCapital and eMoney in 2022

31 Aug 2022

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We understand that making a decision about which financial planning software is right for your practice is a big one. eMoney and RightCapital are both leaders in the financial planning software category. Let’s dig into what makes them different. 

RightCapital vs. eMoney cost

RightCapital’s retail pricing can be found right on our website’s pricing page.

While eMoney Advisor does not publish costs on their website, here’s what we know about their retail pricing from industry sources:

Pricing chart showing RightCapital at $2,160/year; eMoney Pro at $3,600/year; eMoney Premier at $4,500+/year

eMoney charges extra for these features that come with all subscriptions of RightCapital:

  • Goal-based planning (not included with eMoney Pro)

  • Marketing campaign resources

  • Advisor-branded client education materials

  • Additional training 

RightCapital vs. eMoney functionality

eMoney has been around for more than two decades and RightCapital is a relatively new entrant in the space founded in 2015. As a result, it has taken a few years for RightCapital to achieve feature parity with eMoney. But today, RightCapital offers advisors many modules and features not found within eMoney, such as:

RightCapital vs. eMoney onboarding experience

One of the most common pieces of feedback we hear from advisors transitioning from eMoney to RightCapital is how easy it is to use RightCapital.

According to advisors we spoke with, it can take three to six months to get completely up to speed with eMoney. One G2 review for eMoney illustrates this point, “It’s so in depth, it takes a while to become fully proficient”. Another user noted with eMoney it is “difficult to begin working with and integrating (the) practice into (the) system”.

It usually takes advisors less than a month to feel comfortable working with all of RightCapital’s inputs, outputs, and features. At RightCapital, if you indicate to your dedicated onboarding specialist that you’re not feeling totally comfortable with the system, they will make sure to schedule follow-up calls to get you well on your way. All RightCapital training is totally free.

RightCapital vs. eMoney ownership structure

eMoney has been owned by Fidelity since 2015. In 2021, Citywire reported that Edmond Walters, the founder of eMoney, has said “The product hasn’t gotten anywhere…they’re a Betamax”. RightCapital is owned independently by the company’s original founders.

Tweet from Michael Kitces saying, "It's because most of the other financial planning software companies have let themselves get beholden to their enterprises (broker-dealers), and are building what non-planning enterprises want instead of what planning-centric advisors want. RightCapital is listening to advisors."

RightCapital vs. eMoney advisor satisfaction ratings  

According to the latest Kitces report on how financial advisors use technology, RightCapital’s overall user satisfaction rating is 8.6/10, compared to eMoney’s at 8.4/10.

The report notes “RightCapital led the rankings in areas such as methodology, support, ease of use, simplicity, and polished appearance. eMoney led in categories such as comprehensiveness, polished reports, and tax accuracy”.  

RightCapital is the only financial planning software The Kitces Report designated as a company to watch and to be “optimistic” about. The report lists eMoney in the “neutral” category.

RightCapital vs. eMoney user experience

Tweets about how much advisors love the design of RightCapital

As the Kitces report noted, RightCapital leads the market in terms of satisfaction rating for ease of use and polished appearance. Many advisors also share how much they love our intuitive visuals and design on Twitter (see some examples above). For a more in-depth look, watch this case study to hear how one advisor was particularly impressed with our aesthetically pleasing interface and the ability to provide a one-page Snapshot.

According to the Tweets we can find, design and user experience don’t seem to be eMoney’s core strength.

Tweet saying, "Hey eMoney, 1998 called. They want their plan summary template back."

RightCapital vs. eMoney client support

Here is what eMoney Advisor reported about their client support team on their website:

  • 96% overall support = awesome or good

  • 97% specialist = awesome or good

  • 93% reported issue resolved

However, on G2, one advisor says, “sometimes customer service and you aren’t on the same page” with eMoney. According to the user surveys collected on G2, the overall quality of support is rated as 8.4/10 for eMoney vs. 9.4/10 for RightCapital.

Here are some stats about the RightCapital support team:

  • 98% satisfaction rate

  • Median inbound answer time under 90 seconds

On RightCapital’s G2 page, one user mentioned, “The customer service is the best, quick responses, and if they don’t have a feature you ask for, they forward all requests to their developers.” One user noted they liked best about RightCapital, “The immediate help we can get from the support team when we are stuck on how to model something. It's especially helpful because we like to create and update financial plans interactively with our clients and the quick solutions keep everyone engaged.”

In the end, seeing and using are believing. We encourage anyone considering various financial planning solutions to sign up for a personalized 1:1 20-minute demo with a member of our sales team to gain access to a 14-day free trial.