What’s the Best Financial Planning Software According to Advisors and Why?

18 Apr 2023

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What the best financial planning software is turns out to be THE question once you decide to use a planning software. As with any purchasing decision, there are many considerations to take into account. Who is the best depends on a lot of factors, including your own practice and way of working, which survey you read, and which advisors you ask. We could talk until we are blue in the face about why we love our features, but it may mean more to you coming from someone else. Here are some words straight out of the mouths (or, rather, the keyboards!) of financial advisors as to why THEY think we are the best.

Advisors’ clients love RightCapital

Tweets about how much advisors' clients love RightCapital

What makes us even happier than our advisors sharing how much they enjoy RightCapital is when they share how much their clients enjoy our software and our outputs. We’ve created visual representations that are easy to explain and therefore easy for clients to understand. Our client portal and mobile app help clients stay involved in their finances which helps them to build trust with their advisors.

RightCapital listens to advisors

Tweets about how much RightCapital listens to advisors to make things happen

As a relatively new disruptor to the financial planning software scene with a smaller team who takes an immense amount of pride in what we do, we take feedback seriously. Our support team keeps the product team updated as to what comments and requests they receive from current clients and when developing new features, we look to the industry and try to learn as much as we can about what advisors are looking for. 

RightCapital is constantly innovating

Tweets about how much RightCapital is constantly improving and innovating

Speaking of new features, did you know we come out with weekly enhancements and updates? If you’re interested in learning more about recent advancements, we rounded up our favorite updates from 2022 and from Q1 this year. Check those blog posts out and then follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn to keep up to date with future releases.

RightCapital’s visualization features “change the game”

Visualizations in financial planning are all the rage, and RightCapital likes to be first to the party. Oftentimes our major updates are discovered and praised by advisors before we even send the update email.


Tweets about how much advisors love the new Snapshot feature from RightCapital

In April 2022, we premiered Snapshot, a totally customizable plan summary for clients, which can be made into a “one-page plan”, if desired. Advisors were vocal about their enthusiasm, gushing in support chats: “The new Snapshot feature is excellent and I love it”, “I love the ability to add the text box and move it around the Snapshot”, and “I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Snapshot”. We were pumped to roll this out and got a kick out of the positive feedback, both from current subscribers and those who wish their own financial planning software could produce something of the same quality.


Tweets about how much advisors love the Blueprint feature within RightCapital

Sometimes referred to by industry experts as a follow-up to Snapshot, the data visualization feature Blueprint, to help advisors illustrate their clients’ full financial lives, was released in the fall of 2022. Similar to when Snapshot was released, our support chats went all caps with positive feedback such as “Holy cow! That’s a HUGE addition, thank you!” and “This is AWESOME!!!!!”

Cash Flow Maps

Tweets about how much advisors love the Cash Flow Maps feature within RightCapital

In April, we debuted Cash Flow Maps, another visualization where advisors and clients can see exactly where their money is coming from and going in an easy-to-follow waterfall chart as well as a vertical breakdown map. Once again, our social media team had a blast seeing the excited reactions from clients.

RightCapital’s support team is top-notch

Tweets about how much advisors love the support team at RightCapital

Our support team receives high marks day in and day out on our survey platforms after onboarding sessions, phone calls, and in-platform chats, but it’s so nice to see the praise on Twitter, too! Outside of social media, we were also excited to lead the rankings in financial planning software for the category of "Support" in the 2021 and 2022 Kitces Reports.

RightCapital has the look

Tweets about how much advisors love the design of RightCapital

We all know that looks aren’t everything in real life, but they definitely make a difference when it comes to financial planning software and outputs that you can show your clients. We went through a significant rebrand in the fall of 2021 and we are proud of our design and how our charts and graphs help clients visualize their financial futures. 

Hopefully you found this advisor feedback helpful to help you determine if RightCapital is the right financial planning software for you. The next step would be to schedule a demo to see it all for yourself!